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In this cozy mystery series, Elizabeth Blau, brewmaster-turned-teacher, moved to Sheridan County with her toddler to get some fresh air and a new perspective. Follow her journey as she finds a job, makes some friends, and becomes an amateur sleuth among the pines.

Start with book one, The New Teacher.

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I am a fan of celebration–life is short. Book 5 releases tomorrow and I think it’s time this household enjoys a sweet treat. If you love cheesecake, this recipe will not disappoint. It’s one I use whenever I want to extend the pumpkin-appreciation season. Ingredients: Instructions *I use a food processor, but you could also …

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Daily Prompt: What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail? I would start a new series in a new genre and knock it out of the park. Oh wait, I’m going to do that in 2024, failure or not!

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