The Pie Maker’s Apprentice

Erin Lark’s first Young Adult Novel is coming soon, she is seeking representation.

Meet Erin

An educator in southwest Washington, Erin loves teaching science and has a passion for literacy

About Her Book

Sera thinks she’s a typical teen, dragged away from her best friend to a cabin in the woods of Wyoming for the summer so her mother can reset her priorities. 

An avid hiker, she lands an internship at the fish hatchery. Everything seems storybook small town until strange things start happening and her boss is found dead.  Dealing with stalkers, arsons, and a preternatural cat, Sera isn’t feeling so typical anymore.  She’s discovered things about herself and her past that explain the strange glowing of her friends and neighbors.

As the town seeks to resurrect its past to unite the community, Sera is called to use her abilities to fight for historical accuracy. It all comes down to a poker game.

Get to know Story

Story, Wyoming is the site of Erin’s first novel. Established in 1901, this tiny town is nestled among the pines and cottonwood trees. Get to know the beauty of the area.