While I wait for my Beta Readers to give my novel the once (twice, and perhaps thrice) over, I am working on query letters.

I have never spent so much time focusing on 250 words.

For any non-writer readers, a query letter is how you solicit interest in both your novel and you as an author worth representing. In this quick missive, you have to hook the reader, give a synopsis of your novel, and share a brief bio as to why you are the author they are missing from their agency. Each letter should be customized to the literary agent to respect their time and interests.

Talk about pressure.

It’s good though, I appreciate the challenge. I love reading what books light up the interests of which agents, reading lots of blogs on querying, and cheering on my writer friends who find their perfect match. These are motivators as I prepare to ride the rollercoaster myself in the coming months, fingers crossed.

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