Why yes, more school, please

When I moved to southwest Washington, friends and colleagues insisted I choose an allegiance: Huskies or Cougars. The intense rivalry bisects in Vancouver, as many alumni from each university move to the lower left corner of the state and duke it out for die-hard fans.

Well, 16-years later, I can proudly say, “Go Cougs!”

As part of my journey to publishing, I decided to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication. The program offers skills I will need as an author regardless of whether I go traditional or indie, and to be honest it sounded, well…fun.

While this choice may delay some of the movement I thought I would make this year toward getting one (or all) of my books on the shelf and adding a few others, as a former boss used to say, sometimes you have to go slow to go fast.

Stick around to see what I create, watch this site and its content flex as I apply what I learn and move myself ever closer to my goal of publishing fiction.

Did you know that the WSU logo was voted best in football? Read more about it here.

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