Audio in Audition

This week was two quick tutorials in Audition.

Initial Maneuvers

First, the basic track of me saying the numbers 1-10 out of order using my Blue Yeti microphone, a favorite for podcasting.

Next, I rearranged sections, added music, and blended to make a new track.

On an interesting note, when I used Razor to cut the number recording so I could rearrange the sections, the section for “8” was silent. No eight. So, in the name of experimenting, I recorded myself saying “8” again but with my new Macbook mic.

Take a listen at the difference real equipment can make, even on the quickest of tutorials.

A Mini-Interview

For the next tutorial, I interviewed my spouse. He’s a guitarist, and I was looking for parallels between novel writing and songwriting. I edited our brief interview down to this clip.

What’s on deck for next week? I’ll be interviewing a colleague who is writing her memoir and piecing together a first shot at an audio story – stay tuned!

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