Final Draft with Premiere Pro

For the original assignment last week, I planned to make a video on writing. We’d rented a house on the Oregon Coast for the weekend and I had a high word count on my goal list. Instead, I was so relaxed by the location that the last thing I wanted to do was stay inside in front of a screen. I captured the sights and sounds that made a beach birthday weekend a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of my daily life and had a new focus for my video. Sometimes, it’s more than okay to just enjoy the day, especially when you are in a gorgeous location with wonderful friends and family. 

I filmed multiple scenes throughout the day at the beach, being sure to capture clips longer than 10-seconds and from at least three angles for any shot. I arranged the shots to set a sense of place with opening shots of beach activity and then transitioning indoors to celebrate with others. After ordering the shots, I selected audio that would match the transition from outdoors to inside, and preserved the sound of birthday singing. Lastly, I added graphics and clip transitions to my draft.

Feedback on the draft included identification with the calming aspects of the beach and the shots I used, and viewers’ favorite shots matched my own. That said, there were some clips that did not transition well, further text or narration was needed to explain the story to an outside person, and a few sound tweaks were suggested for balance. I redid my storyboard to reflect these changes and prepared to actualize the new plan.

First, I addressed the transitions. I learned that I could double click on the transition to access a pop up for changing the duration of the transition as well as being able to click on the end of a transition and dragging it out longer. I also deleted the Non Additive Transitions as they were not smooth and used Dip to White in their place in order to maintain the calm mood of the beach scenes.

Next, I changed the title to “I Should Be Writing” as I think this more accurately conveys the story. I used Lust Sans font and added a stroke and shadow to set the text apart. I then added text to additional slides and used a background color with a corner radius adjustment so they would stand out with Film Dissolve for the transitions. The text is a message to myself, spread out across the scenes, about living in the moment.

For the audio, I used Audio Gain to adjust the decibels of the ocean clip so that it was still discernible during the ocean scenes but not in competition with the music.

Lastly, I had the final clip fade to black before creating a credits clip. I moved the credits to their own black background and extended the music beyond this final clip.

Premiere Pro–check. Take a look:

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