The Final, Final: Audition

This semester I chose to focus on the writer’s process for the course materials. I am a writer and am preparing to publish and accumulating skills to assist me with marketing my work.

For this final project, I took another look at my interview with a writing mentor, Desiree, who chatted with me about her own writing process. I’ve always appreciated listening to stories and co-host an educator podcast with a colleague of mine.

To further improve the project, I wanted to improve the balance of my and Desiree’s voices. Desiree was not available to rerecord, so I looked for tips and tricks in using what I had. First, in Effects, I used the Dehummer to remove the noise of the electronics in the room in which we recorded our conversation and then used Match Clip Loudness for consistency in decibel adjustments. After playing the adjusted version, I went into the clips of myself talking and dragged the volume bar to better match each clip that preceded and followed Desiree talking to give better balance. Additionally, I added “Writing sound effect.mp3” by DrDerpyFox007 that is marked with CC BY-NC 3.0 on OpenVerse and “typewriter.wav” by osivo which is marked with CC0 1.0 as background sounds as the addition of these was suggested as part of my feedback. I chose these to support setting the scene of someone writing, both with pencil against paper and typing sounds.

If I was to use this professionally, I would add an introduction about how this small piece fits into a bigger picture and at the end would share contact information about myself, Desiree, and any other places a listener could go for more information on the topic.

My audience for this piece is anyone in their own writing process, wondering about the universal truths of the experience and wanting to know they aren’t alone. Making the audio clearer allows the listener to hear the heart of Desiree’s story and feel like she is in the room with them, cheering them on.

Thanks for listening!

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