So why the pen name?

It all comes down to my day job.

People who know me and the series I’m releasing this fall are asking why I’m not publishing as Erin Lark. Here’s the skinny, in order of importance:

  1. I’m an educator in public schools. A decade-ish ago, someone out of Pennsylvania published some books under the name of Erin Lark. Adult books. This last year, my own child searched for me and found these books among the results. Not good. No shame to the other author, but I work with kids and cannot risk confusion.
  2. Maples is my spouse’s last name. I love Lark and feminism, so did not change my name. This is a fun nod to him, though, as he puts up with my late nights typing away more than most. Fun fact: he’s also supplying the intro/outro guitar work for my audiobooks.
  3. Erin Lark Maples sounds like a mystery writer. She just does.

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