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What animals make the best/worst pets?

What animals make the best/worst pets?

This one is tough. What do you qualify as best and worst? How does a lover of essentially all things animal even begin to pick? I guess I’d have to think in terms of effort, expense, and convenience.

Best: I think it’s pretty tough to beat a golden retriever.

Worst: Snakes. I love them (I truly do!) but they get out all the time and this would stress me out. I also don’t like feeding them, even though I know how the whole circle of life thing works.

Ooof. Of course now my cat is glaring at me for my “Best” answer. Cats don’t need to be walked and can be left in the house by themselves for the weekend. They are sweet and soft and lovely. Shucks.

And my fish, he’s pretty great, too.

This one is hard.

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