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Book 4 launches today!

Somehow in the midst of this season of upheaval, I managed to put out the 4th book in the Sheridan County Mysteries. I know I’m not alone when I say that sometimes we create in one area of our lives to give us the thinking space to sort out another.

I’ve always loved murder mysteries and car shows and in this book I get to combine the two. Elizabeth lands a catering gig for a local rancher and joins in for the evening’s theme. There’s a touch of romance, a twist or two, and the characters you’ve come to love in the series.

My next release won’t be until late fall as I need a month or so to rest and recuperate before it’s back to the typewriter–but that doesn’t mean the ideas aren’t flowing for my next series due out in 2024. I also start teaching at a new school this fall so I’m going to plan a gentle September for myself. On to new adventures!

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