Erin Lark Maples

Erin Lark Maples is a multigenre writer, award-winning educator, and lifelong overlander on the journey to publishing fiction.

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About the Books in Progress

In THE PIE MAKER’S APPRENTICE, a YA urban fantasy, Serafina’s mother drags her to a small town for the summer where strange happenings become the norm. Can Sera unravel the past in time before she loses the people⁠—and place⁠—she’s come to love?

Elizabeth Blau is starting over: new town, new job, new boyfriend. When her crush is found trampled to death in a ravine, fingers point her way. In the cozy mystery WIDE OF THE MARK, Elizabeth must reveal the murderer before she becomes the next target.

THE ROBOTICS COURSE is a YA retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at a STEM school. With help from a music app, the diverse and quirky cast muddle through a robotics tournament mixup of epic proportions in order to crown a true champion.

Meet Erin Lark

Erin Lark is a STEM Educator who works with teachers and their students. She divides her time between Washington, Wyoming, and Arizona, because life is too short to pick favorites.

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