A life is the sum of little stories.

Photoshop Tutorials

For my media creation class at WSU, I completed a set of tutorials to get acquainted with Adobe Photoshop and here are the results:

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While I wait for my Beta Readers to give my novel the once (twice, and perhaps thrice) over, I am working on query letters. I have never spent so much time focusing on 250 words. For any non-writer readers, a query letter is how you solicit interest in both your novel and you as an…

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Blogs from Yesteryear

I am honored to have be a Program Mentor and Content Creator for CORElaborate. For six years I participated in the CORElaborate initiative, becoming a Program Mentor for the many cohorts of Teacher Leaders we hosted. I loved being a part of an organization that sought to amplify teacher voices and support students across our…

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Welcome to my site!

This is my author page where I will share a little of my journey to publishing. Hello World! This is the soft launch of my new website as I navigate through what it takes to put my writing on a bookshelf near you. Thank you for joining me and please continue to check in!

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