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The Final, Final: Audition

This semester I chose to focus on the writer’s process for the course materials. I am a writer and am preparing to publish and accumulating skills to assist me with marketing my work. For this final project, I took another look at my interview with a writing mentor, Desiree, who chatted with me about her…

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Final Draft with Premiere Pro

For the original assignment last week, I planned to make a video on writing. We’d rented a house on the Oregon Coast for the weekend and I had a high word count on my goal list. Instead, I was so relaxed by the location that the last thing I wanted to do was stay inside…

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Drafting in Premiere Pro

When it came time to make this week’s assignment, a short video in Adobe Premiere Pro, I thought I would make an informative video about writing productivity during Camp NaNoWriMo, a writing experience in which I participate each year. I packed my gear for the beach and kept telling myself I would write while there.…

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

For these tools, I focused on my catio, my cat, and a set of flags. For this next set of Premiere tools, I used materials provided in the class. There is one shot (I bet you can find it) where the directions did not match the software abilities. Now to come up with a topic…

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Logo, Take 2!

An author-created header image for this blog post using several of her draft images.

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Of Fountain Pens & Logos

In this post, I share the inspiration and process for creating my draft of a logo as well as some reflective questions I’m considering before creating a final draft.

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