—Sheridan County Mysteries—

Read a series that whisks you off to a place where history and secrets run deep—Sheridan County, Wyoming. Join one of the newest county residents, brewmaster-turned-teacher, Elizabeth Blau, as she makes a new home in a tight-knit community tucked against the Big Horn Mountains.

Elizabeth has a knack for science trivia and a nose for solving murders–she’ll need both beneath these western skies.

The Sheriff’s Wife

In the series prequel, Jo Wolf stumbles upon a body alongside a favorite hiking trail. With a suspect list of locals and a few unusual clues, Jo starts her own investigation.

The New Teacher

In book one, Elizabeth Blau is starting over. New town, new job—and a date. When a body is found trampled to death, all fingers point at the Blau Family. Elizabeth must hunt down the murderer before she becomes their next target.

The Sled Dog

The second, full-length novel in the series involves a custody battle over a lost dog, a sled race through the Big Horn Mountains, a murder mystery, and the characters you’ve come to love.